Saturday, November 19, 2011

weekend wisdom: Self-Discovery

The New York Times partnered with VisualDNA to develop a personality quiz in order to make their audience experience more relevant and relatable to each of their readers. Here is what they said about me.
You’re a Trendsetter
You have a tendency to spot small, beautiful details and are most drawn to the unusual that have their own sense of unique history. It’s your ability to see hidden beauty in all corners of the world that makes you such a style maven to all your friends. There’s a strong, thoughtful element to your character that means you love anything with a sense of intrigue to really get your heart racing.
Lively and confident, you’re someone who likes to make a big impression. You understand that first impressions count and that you won’t always get a second chance. You’ve got great taste and strive to be one step ahead of the crowd...
Spot on.
The key is to allow yourself to appreciate life’s journey while holding fast to that which matters most to you. 
Take it here.

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